What We Do

Our Aims and Objectives

1. BASIC AIM OF FODEP is to promote and strengthen the institutions and operations
of democracy in Zambia.

2. For this purpose FODEP shall:

(a) Promote the evolution of a political culture based on civic responsibility of both
leaders and local levels by:

(i) Instilling a spirit of accountability in all leaders at different levels.

(ii) Fostering in citizens a duty of participation in the day-to-day affairs of national and local
government as well as community-based initiatives.

(b) Promote public awareness of human rights and endeavor to ensure that all
categories of human rights are respected and enforced.

(c) Speak out issues that may threaten the democratic process, and take up issues
that would promote its objectives.

(d) Encourage the free flow of information between government and civic authorities on the one hand and citizens on the other, by sponsoring seminars and workshops, and providing a non-partisan forum for the exchange of views.

(e) Sustain popular commitment to democracy through programmes of public education.

(f) Promote recognition of the necessary role in a democracy of a strong opposition and of various civic organizations.

(g) Inculcate in Zambians the need to take responsible care of public facilities and institutions so as to maintain high living standards.

(h) Undertake research and publish reports about FODEP’s activities and share the same with other interested organizations, both internal and external.

(i) Work in co-operation with other organizations, both internal and external, which are interested in sustaining the democratic process.

(j) Monitor all presidential, parliamentary and local government elections.

(k) Monitor elections of other organizations, such as political parties, upon invitation.

(l) Fight corruption in all it’s forms and at all levels.

(m) Constantly in all its forms and all levels.

(n) Analyze the constitution and other relevant legislation in order to ensure that they are compatible with the requirements of a plural democracy.


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